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Managed IT Services You Can Trust

By partnering with NetProtect, you have the ability to focus on what you do best – your business!  Why we’re different: we focus on making your technology work for you and not the other way around, Securing everything you own and making sure there’s a BACKUP for every device.

What’s New

NetProtect has recently been awarded the datto PLATINUM Global Partner Program Award



We’re here for all your backup needs!

Dallas Fort Worth – COVID-19 Screening Kiosk Keep Employees Safe

PARTNERSHIP - Temperature Detection Kiosk Temperature Detection Kiosk HELP PROTECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT FROM EXPOSURE TO INFECTED INDIVIDUALS WITHIN SECONDS COVID-19 Screening Kiosk  –  Detects Fever in Seconds Touchless body temperature detection with optional...


What We Do

Managed IT Services

We managed all of it, this allows you to focus on your business and servicing your clients and customers.

Help Desk

Friendly and ready to take care of all your requests is what our help desk strives to do.  We want success for your company.

Disaster Recovery

Backup – Backup and more Backups.  We live and breath and anticipate disasters, so we implement lots of backups.

Network Design

Designing your network to be efficient and secure is just one of the many things we can help you do.

Cloud Services

Utilizing the power of cloud computing can minimize your company’s out of pocket expenses for hardware and software.

Cyber Security

Secure all forms of technology for your business.  Proactively create cyber security plan of action to prevent attacks.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We offer 24/7 Support and a guaranteed 1-hour response time. Contact us today for your free consultation! By hiring a Managed IT Services Provider, you gain the freedom to focus on what you do best.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

By hiring a Managed IT Services Provider, you gain the freedom to focus on what you do best – running your business. The IT Department is your most valuable asset, but it also requires enormous amounts of time, money, and manpower to manage effectively.

Get Started

Five Spheres. One Mission.

Our mission is to make technology work for the business and not the business work for the technology.  By providing technology and services that allow businesses to focus on their clients and their products and services; rather than technology that runs their business.  Free your company and call us today!







What People Are Saying


As always, expeditious with solid communication throughout. I very much appreciate the entire team at NetProtect.



God Bless You ALL!!!! Only thing worse than providing tech support to “certain” people is providing tech support to my mother.



Thank you so much for following up with me! Great customer service!!

I was bragging on you guys to a friend today because I have never worked at a company that had IT that was responsive and competent! Thank you for making work life easier!

I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate how fast your response time is. This particular ticket was my error but there were so many of you that contacted me to make sure my monitors at home where working. Good customer service is so hard to find these days and I think you are so great at it!!! I really do appreciate all of you.



Sonya put the Awesome in the super Awesome team



CJ stayed on the phone with me until the issues were taken care of. I had to go to a couple of different buildings, which took some time, and CJ was so great about it. I really appreciate all of you!!!



Chris followed up and knew his way; it is a relief to work with your team even from across the ocean!



The BEST IT company in Texas. Would recommend to all businesses. They are extremely helpful, don’t make us feel stupid when we have no idea what they are talking about, quick service and friendly! Thank you!



You guys are super awesome, super awesome we could not make it without you, even when we have 2 left hands your patience is always there and the end result is always a successful one. Keep doing what you do, you guys are the best. Thank you Thank you, have a great day!



As always – best IT support I’ve ever had at any company!!! Seriously.

You’re SIMPLY THE BEST! (sang in a Tina Turner voice)



Patterson, Patterson, he’s our man! If he can’t do it, NO ONE CAN!!!! YAYYYYYY PATTERSON!!


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