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By partnering with NetProtect, you have the ability to focus on what you do best – your business!  Why we’re different: we focus on making your technology work for you and not the other way around, Securing everything you own and making sure there’s a BACKUP for every device.


Organizations of all sizes values efficiency. But not all have the resources to maintain a reasonable efficiency. While technology has made the business process easier, the systems created to handle different departmental responsibilities may be too large for a small business to manage effectively.  This is because of the time and financial investments that a business has to make to keep such systems functional. It is for this reason that your business may need the services of a managed IT service helpdesk.

Not sure if managed IT helpdesk is right for your business? Let us take a look at the benefits of such service below:

 1. Lower IT Costs

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your helpdesk is having a lower IT cost. You won’t need to purchase new IT facilities or hire more staff that you may not need in the long run. Rather, you pay for exactly what you use.

2. Safety and Business Continuity

In case of fire, hurricane and other natural disasters that may require a temporary business shut down your helpdesk will remain available to your customers if you use an outsourced service. If you don’t use an outsource helpdesk, every aspect of your business will shut down leaving your customers dissatisfied with your business and you may lose credibility. This is especially true if you operate a time-critical business.

3. Reduced Labor Cost

Do you know how costly it can be to hire highly certified and experienced IT technicians? It will definitely take a large chunk of your budget. Moreover, calling in sick, turnovers, and regular training will further increase your expenditure. With a managed IT helpdesk, you don’t have to worry about these problems. Managed helpdesk helps you enjoy the services of technicians that may be too costly for your small business.

4. Excellent Service and Advanced Technology

Technology advances at a very fast pace and new innovations emerge every day. Third-party helpdesk service providers always stay up-to-date with new information and innovations in the industry. This allows your business to benefit from new technology services and help enhance the day to day business functions. So, with outsourced helpdesk, you will be among the first few to enjoy any new innovation at no additional cost.

5. Productivity

Managed helpdesk helps business lighten their technology workloads. The time you free up by hiring a managed service helpdesk can be channeled into other important tasks such business growth and development. This will lead to an increase in productivity for your business as your staff can now focus on their core responsibilities.

6. Higher Efficiency

IT is usually the core business of managed IT service helpdesks. All their time and resources go into IT management. This is why managed helpdesk can render excellent IT services that your in-house team may not be able to match due to having other responsibilities.

7. Improved Competitiveness

Big organizations can afford to hire experienced and highly-skilled in-house team of IT specialists. With this resource, they can easily muscle out small businesses that attempt to compete with them. A managed helpdesk can create a level playing field for small business to compete with big businesses.

In Conclusion

A managed helpdesk can serve both your customers and your employees. You will get the best service from qualified experts as if they are your staff at a lower cost. The earlier you switch to a managed service IT helpdesk, the better for your company. You don’t want to keep spending more on your in-house IT helpdesk and getting less from it.

To learn more about the managed it service offerings with NetProtect and how they can benefit your organization, please feel free to give us a call today.

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